Genuine Parts

At Our Garage we have a fully stocked inventory of Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Every single one of our genuine Mercedes-Benz parts is subject to the same exacting standards as each Mercedes-Benz vehicle that leaves our factory. Precisely defined manufacturer's specifications, comprehensive checks and extensive tests guarantee that each and every genuine Mercedes-Benz part complies with the very toughest quality standards and is always absolutely state of the art. We can supply your Mercedes-Benz Genuine part in many cases over the counter. With a nationwide parts network we benefit from next day delivery on thousands of items of stock. You can also chose to have your Genuine Mercedes-Benz part expertly fitted in our specialist workshop.

Mercedes-Benz re-manufactured genuine parts

Even when a Mercedes-Benz starts to age, the majority of its constituent parts are still far too good to be simply thrown on the scrap heap. Instead, the used parts return to their place of origin where they are re-manufactured by our experts to make them as good as new.

What this means for you is that you get a top-quality genuine part, but save as much as 50 percent on the price. And it is with a clear conscience that we can offer these genuine re-manufactured parts with exactly the same warranty as new parts. Talk to our parts department today to discover more about re-manufactured genuine parts.